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Digital PR

Digital PR

Digital PR is all about understanding the publication’s needs and building and using relationships in the media. And when it comes to the digital space these capabilities are still critical for making campaigns successful. Along with strong media relationships, our Digital PR team has an intimate knowledge of Influencer Marketing and Media Placement. We have nurtured long-standing relationships with social influencers who people listen to and trust. Put simply, as an experienced digital PR agency we make sure that your brand’s message is heard, seen and shared by the right people.

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What We Offer

Digital PR requires a strong understanding of the target audience, digital trends, and effective communication strategies. It combines traditional PR skills with a deep understanding of online platforms and analytics to measure the impact of PR efforts and refine strategies accordingly

Reputation management

Digital PR aims to build, maintain, and protect a brand's reputation in the online realm

Online visibility

By utilizing various online channels, digital PR helps increase a brand's visibility and exposure to the target audience.

Brand awareness and recognition

Digital PR efforts focus on creating brand awareness and increasing brand recognition by utilizing online platforms

Relationship building

Digital PR fosters relationships with online influencers, bloggers, journalists, and the target audience.

Why Work With Us

We at Metrics Mantra Digital Marketing, take a holistic approach to Digital Marketing, making sure all of your digital marketing efforts work together in a well-orchestrated way. We asked our customers why they stay with us. Here are the most commonly cited reasons:

Personalised Solutions

We offer personalised solutions based on your business’s requirements.

Team of Experts

We are a team of expert professionals working for brands across India.

Result Oriented

We focus and plan to achieve your business objectives stratagically.

Comprehensive Services

We are 1-stop agency for all your digital marketing requirements in India.

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