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Celebrity Marketing

Celebrity Marketing

Celebrity marketing implies hiring a famous person to endorse a brand’s product or service. It covers different types of promotion: an opinion leader using and recommending a specific product or an influencer in the image of the brand. A brand uses a celebrity’s reputation to establish trust, awareness, and recognition among this person’s following.

Brands often involve celebrities to showcase products and influencers to recommend them to draw attention immediately and establish brand awareness. Influencers and opinion leaders can generate buzz around a company, increase exposure, and attract more people.

Why Celebrity Marketing?

Since celebrities have the power to influence customer decisions, companies use them to their advantage. According to statistics, 37% of consumers trust the recommendations of social media influencers and discover new products from their videos, photos, and stories. You can often see large brands with opinion leaders as brand advocates. They become salespeople, showcase products, and encourage customers to purchase. With influencers’ help, companies reach new audiences and enhance credibility and visibility. Moreover, celebrity endorsements enable brands to stand out among competitors. If an opinion leader uses a specific brand and recommends it, people trust and buy its products.

Influencers can use different techniques to draw followers’ attention: create tutorials, guides on product usage, before and after stories, posts, etc. They call out to people through different marketing channels and help companies attain their conversions, sales, and revenue goals.

Now that you know why brands partner with opinion leaders, let’s proceed to the next section to find out how to encourage endorsements.